Ansys Employee

The UDF should be checked if it is crashing with Eulerian Model.

I used RGP tables for Abuaf nozzle and the results were fine. The difference might be that I used expert commands to avoid clipping the pressure as psat. For that reason using UDF for cavitation is also okay. Also bear in mind that Fluent post-processing does limit the pressure to psat when using built-in cavitation model. There is a TUI command to disable that. It is always best to expand the tables with total ranges not only static. The warnings are only printed for static values. I used these limits in my case (again perhaps we are not referring to same case)

Pmin:   1.000000000000000e+05
Pmax:   2.500000000000000e+07
Tmin:   3.000000000000000e+02
Tmax:   7.000000000000000e+02


I obtained this pressure curve: