Mani Bhuma

Hi Peter,

I followed the steps you mentioned. Here is the link:


I am using Ansys Workbench 2022 R1.


When you open the file you will see a 2 inch X 2 inch composite plate with an aluminum honeycomb center. My goal is to gather material information about the honeycomb core. In the future I will running a much bigger simulation with a larger composite plate. Due to the size of this new simulation it would be unreasonable to model the honeycomb core. So, using the material properties I find with this miniature simulation I will transfer the information to a model with 3 basic solid bodies. 2 rectangular solid bodies for the carbon fiber skins and 1 rectangular solid body for the honeycomb core.

Once I verify the static structural and modal results on this simulation is accurate would it be possible to extract information such as young's modulus in each axis from the honeycomb body for this purpose?