charles delepelaire






hi everyone, after few day to take fluent in hand i think i have finally understood why my first results went wrong.

i made enclosure, ball and BOI volume from Fusion 360, and export them to step files, so maybe there is a problem beetween fusion and fluent.

here are the fusions files : grosfaignan/3d-files (

if anyone can test them and help me.


but now i have another problem, i have a good drag coefficient, but in a wrong direction :

since i used spaceclaim 3d model, inlet and outlet are aligned to X and not to Y, so why getting good results along the wrong axis ? (in screenshot above, P drag coefficient in Y is around 0.49 for a 5m/s velocity at inlet, good result, wrong axis)

[EDIT]hahaha no, after a second test at 30m/s when i need to get a 0.1drag coef it seems it’s a false positive

[EDIT2] another misunderstood :

if i have flow velocity setted from inlet to outlet, so in this case parrallel to X axis, why Y and Z coefficient drag calculation are different ? see beelow :

Cd p = -16.622681
Cd p = 3.9403545
Cd p = -1.9091926