Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Ben,

It is good that it worked.

You can copy all the files from the HPC cluster into the solver files directory. To open the solver files directory, in Mechanical, right click on the Solution branch and click on "Open Solver Files Directory":


Put all the files (d3plot, messag, glstat, etc.) in the solver files directory and then read the d3plot from the solver files directory. You should have access to the energy summary this way, but not to the solver output. You can read the messag file (solver output in SMP) with a text editor. If you ran MPP on the HCP cluster, the solver output will be all the mesXXXX files; you will have a mesXXXX files for each core you ran. For example, if you ran MPP with 16 cores, you will have 16 mesXXXX files (mes0000 - mes0015). Note that an error message could be located on only one of the mesXXXX file. You can read the mesXXXX files with a text editor (Notepad, etc.).

If you have access to the Ansys Learning Hub (ALH), you will find the WB LS-DYNA training material. In chapter 3, there is information about the files written by the solver. Here is an example of content:

You will find these files in the solver directory:

You will find the WB LS-DYNA training on ALH here:


Let me know how it goes.