Shwanne Sánchez Damas

I thank you very much for your answer. I have an additional question, in reference to this post, my goal now is to perform a nonlinear torsion test on this 2D-Axisymmetric result. So I would like to know if any of these possibilities exist in ANSYS APDL:

1. Directly apply the torsion moment in the obtained 2D-Axisymmetric model, since in the manual where it describes the elements, it indicates that this element has the following:

PLANE 182:


Element behavior:

6 -- Axisymmetric with torsion (KEYOPT(1) = 0 only)

So, can torsion be applied directly to this result in 2D-Axisymmetric?


2. Convert this 2D-Axisymmetric model into a 3D model to apply the torsion moment, since I not only want to visualize the model in 3D, but to be able to apply the torque/torsion moment there to perform the non-linear torsion analysis.

Or if you can recommend me another solution, I would be very grateful. I thank you in advance for your attention, I ask you to please help me clarify these doubts.