Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Ben,

To run SMP on 32 cores, you need  to set NCPU=-32. But, note that SMP does not scale well beyond 8 cores; this means you won't see much speedup running on 32 vs 8 cores. To fully use all 32 cores, you should run MPP. Also, note that you need to have a model that is large enough to run on 32 cores. We recommend having at least 10 000 or more  elements per core. If you have fewer elements per core, than the communication between the cores becomes the bottleneck. So, to run efficiently on 32 cores, I would like to have a model with 320 000 or more elements. This is a rule of thumb, but will be model specific. You can do benchmarks with your model and compare calculation time with different number of cores (8, 16, 24, 32 for example) and see what is fastest for you. 

You will find more information on MPP here:


Note that you should expect slightly different results with different cores with MPP. This is because the FEM domain is divided into the number of cores requested. So, once you find the number of cores that gives you the best performance, please use the same number of MPP cores to compare results between different runs.

Let me know how it goes.