Hi Ram, 

I am using the method above to perform sequential simulations with beams. I have a structure that is composed of 60 beams and is slightly deformed in the first simulation and then in the second it is compressed. However, when I apply any BCs in the second simulation I get general errors due to out of range velocities. I am using Workbench LS-Dyna 2022 R2, here is the break down of my problem:

When I use this method for beams it combines 60 beam bodies into 1 beam body:


This would be fine as I can still select lines and nodes to apply BCs. 

However, when I apply BCs I get exponential kinetic energies. 

For example, if I apply a displacement to the top edges in the picture below and use a fixed support on the bottom edges. I get error due to runaway velocities:

If I apply those BCs to the geometry in the first simulation (the one that doesn’t take geometry from dynain), I can compress the structure without exponential Kinetic energies. 

Do you have any advice for using beams in sequential simulations with dynain?

Thanks in advance,