I've been looking to understand Hertzian contact recently and here are my personal suggestions/thoughts: 1. Hertzian contact calculations depend on type of contact. Two spheres in contact have a point contact and have different contact area approximation and hence different analytical derivation. The contact area is an ellipse. Two cylinders in contact have line contact. The contact area approximation is a finite rectangle and this directly depends on length of contact. The contact pressure also depends on contact length (engagement length between cylinder, in case one cylinder is longer than other). As such, I'm thinking it may not be accurate to model a 2D problem for cylinders in contact. 2D approximation works well with spheres in contact though. 1. The most comprehensive analytical understanding on the subject is from "Boresi-Advanced Mechanics of Materials chapter 18". 2. A sample Hertz contact ansys problem with analytical validation is available free here: https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/courses/hertz-contact-mechanics/ 3. There are many research papers which approximate Hertz theory for contact problems like gear teeth contact. I found them helpful. 4. Here is a direct useful calculator online: https://www.mesys.ag/?page_id=1220 [I verified this online calculator with research papers cited above and also with the example cited in #2 above. you can also verify how the output is different when you select 'sphere-sphere' and 'cylinder-cylinder' for same dia of spheres/cylinders. Hope you find this helpful.