Aleksey Gerasimov

Hello Victoria,

Please note that our fuel-cell and electrolysis add-on modules are developed and maintained for 3D versions only. Should you, need to perform a quick 2D test, then please consider using a simple 3D model with one single cell in the 3rd direction that have symmetry boundary conditions on either side.

Please note that a very common mistake that people make when the voltage is set below the OCV voltage in electrolysis module. It must be in excess of OCV. Please check whether this is the case or not. Typically, the thermoneutral voltage (TNV) in SOEC is around 1.3V and most cells require higher values around 1.4-1-5V. Or even more if the internal reforming reaction such as CO2 splitting takes place.

Regarding initialization for module 4, please ensure that you use the standard initialization and if the problem persists, please consider patching individual variables to specific regions in the cell and this will help us narrow down the problem.

Hope this helps and best regards,