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Thank you so much!!

I didn't use the MAT command :(  Now I write MAT,3 in my file and it works.

When it is sliding, I output the data of Fsz(ETAB,lab,nmisc,3), it does equals to MUFn which is consistent with the fritional contact behavior.

But I wanna make the Fsz equals to tangential stiffness times sliding distance which is a changing force.

Therefore, the fritional contact behavior can not satify my need.

I tried to write my own contact interaction(USERINTER)  but there is no example for reference. I have trouble writing this.

Do you have the USERINTER example? or I can just modify the contact behavior.

Hope you coule give me some advice.

(I'm a beginner and I don't speak English. I apologize in advance if I have caused you trouble :()