Sajiv Kumar

Thank you, I would really appreciate some suggestions. I have attached the pictures of the AFO. The purpose of this simulation is to find out points where cracks are likely to occur (stress, strain, Deformation, Safety factor.. etc, etc) and also at what point of the gait cycle does it happen, so the second revision would be a model better suited to the patients gait.

I only have reaction force data that I have split in 3 components which is Vertical, Anteroposterior and Mediolateral. Since I do not have any data for the opposing forces I thought I would ground the areas of the AFO that were in contact with the foot and the floor at the same time. It is my understanding that those sections would be stationairy. I also wasn't able to find any relevant study material or data on the loading on an AFO during the gait cycle. I would appreciate any suggestions you have, to approach this better since adding fixed supports for a specific duration is not an option anymore. If I do not add any fixed supports then I only have one force in each direction (x, y, z) and the AFO would just be in acceleration.