Matthias Sauter


Thanks for your answer!

Maybe I have to go a little bit more into detail:

I’m simulating a structure, which needs a lot of time and RAM to be simulated. It has many mirrors in 1D so that the light can only go out in one direction (image below, mirrors = DBRs). Here the light after a few back and forth reflections can only go out on the top of the structure, simply said that’s because there are fewer mirrors on top than on bottom and so the probability for the light is higher to go out to the top. This only works for one specific wavelength, which can be seen in the Visualizer 1 in my first post (this visualizer is after the structure, so after all the mirrors). After this mirrored structure I want the light, which coupled out (Visualizer 1), to go into a fiber. 

So what I want to do is, take the data from Visualizer 1 (which are obviously already data out of a simulation) and import it as my new source into my fiber simulation. 

Obviously, I could also simulate both in one big simulation, but my RAM is unfortunately not sufficient for that.

I hope that clears up some uncertainties.