Marco Castelli

Dear peteroznewman and Erik Kostson,

Thanks for your answers.


answer to peteroznewman:

"Why do you want to sum the Max Principal stress from two copies of the model? You will get double the stress."

Actually I do not sum Max Principal stress, it was just to make the easiest example. I am performing a fatigue analysis and ASME asks to compare strains from elastic-plastic analysis and from elastic analysis.


answer to Erik Kostson:

I did not kwnow that I can performe a single analysis modifing material propoerties along the time steps. Unfortunatelly I never used ADPL so this solution is quite complex for my ability because I have several materials in the same model. Maybe if I could deactivate/activate the comand for Nonlinear effect of the material along the time steps, it would be easiest.

Is that possible? Could you please help me to write the adpl code?