Victoria Kurushina

Dear Aleksey,

Thank you very much, it is more clear now. I have gone through the SOFC tutorial again (Model 4), to identify possible differences in settings, and I have a few questions to the pp.29-30, where the electrical characteristics are defined for the case. Is this a correct understanding that:

1) item 5 on p. 29: the 50 iterations run is performed for the Total System Current of 0.01A, as shown earlier in Fig. 7 on p.10? so, there is no other UDS conditions set on any surfaces, like wall_voltage_tap?

2) when running the cases for 100 iterations each in a sequence, to cover the case matrix in Table 2 on p.30, we set the Total System Current to the value in column 2 and the Electric Potential at the wall_voltage_tap boundary to the value in the 1st column? so that, the first two columns are input, and the three other columns (power, H2 utilization, O2 utilization) are output?

Or is this just the voltage column value the only input, while the rest is output?

Kind regards,