I understand that. Let me rephrase my question. Maybe asking about define adjust was too early at the moment.

Let me start with something even more basic

When i read the documentation this is what i see. We will have to parallelize the UDF when i encounter these situations


Now i have a UDF called scalar-update that deposits some number of particles in a cell zone. This is what i get when i do volume integral sum for serial case

This is what i get for the parallel case when i do volume integral of sum

you can see that both the answers are not equal

Now as far as my UDF goes I am looping over cell volume to deposit the mass in zone called part-filter.

Q1) Do i need to parallelize anything in this udf? this is the condition i have

if the particle thread(t) matches the cell zone thread(tm) increase udm-5.

Q2) If not then do i have to write an execute on demand to loop over the nodes of different nodes and sum up the udm-5 because the volume integral displayed on the console is wrong?

I am not sure where to begin. Please let me know.