Matthias Sauter

It's not a VCSEL, but comparable, the structure I am using is a micropillar. 

And like I said, the micropillar is already simulated, everything worked there. The only thing I want to do now is, export the E and the H field of the simulation. But only at one certain wavelength/index value (the monitor I am using is outside the micropillar).  And after exporting it, I would like to import it in another file, but I already achieved this (but only for all wavelengths that got monitored). 

I tried to export it via the Matlab export option, but unfortunately this didn't work, due to my Matlab version not being supported by Lumerical2022. That's why I tried to export the data with a script, like I described before. But my code just exported and imported the monitored data for all wavelengths, and not just for one. Do you know a way to export only one wavelength/index?

The image shows the imported data in the new file. Is there maybe a way to filter only wavelength there?