Victoria Kurushina

Dear Aleksey,

Thank you. I am afraid I have a few more:

1) So, in the case, when there is an electric potential V1 defined at the wall_voltage_tap, what is the correct relationship of values to be set at the start of the simulation?

Total System Voltage < Open Circuit Voltage <  V1

(if defining System Voltage)

and Open Circuit Voltage <  V1

(if defining System Current)

Is this correct?

And, if I understood well from your reply, the V1 will be accounted for in the simulation, when the System Current is not close to zero?

2) When running the Model 4 in the Electrolysis mode, I noticed the model itself changes the Total System Current to a negative value of -0.01, while keeping a default +0.01 in the SOFC mode. Is this ok to work with the negative current value, or does it mean there is some mistake in the settings in the electrolysis mode?

3) Another question that comes is about the H2 fraction at the outlet for either SOFC or SOEC steady-state simulation. The SOFC tutorial (Model 4), I think, considers the situation when this fraction is somehow known or guessed. But if you have a goal to learn the H2 fraction at the outlet, should this value be set to 0 or sort of the best guess?


Kind regards,