anner Mayo

Thank you for your patience and assistance you've been providing me. I set the erosion controls to erode on material failure. I agree that the Young's modulus value that I used seemed extremely low. I calculated an estimate value based on some material properties I had for my foam:

Average Compression Force Deflection:

25% deflection = 0.45 psi

50% deflection = 0.65 psi

70% deflection = 0.70 psi

My goal at this point is to get any soft foam type modelto work and polish it from there. Therefore, I added a hyperelastic (Ogden model from the engineering database on Ansys). In order to run the analysis with the default Ogden material I had to add an isotropic elasticity to the model. For this I input the Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio from the article that you linked. Howevee, now I am getting a new error "time step too small". Are there any obvious reasons you know of that would be cauing this error? I have attached some screenshots of my new defined material.