Masataka Nakamura


The cause is probably due to the specification of the metal instance. Also ANSYS has not tested metal instances and does not recommend them. The reasons are as follows.
Metal instances are not recommended for running regular workloads. Firstly, as metal instances are the actual hardware without the hypervisor (non-virtualized) it takes really long time for them to boot up. Users will then have to install all the packages / modules etc on them…as compared to virtualized instances that come with basic libraries.
Secondly, as for the performance is concerned there is practically no difference in performance on metal vs virtualized instances. Average performance difference is about 1%.
So it is recommended to use the largest size instance in that case…e..g c6i.metal = c6i.32xlarge
Where metal instance can be really used is if the user is interested to do some performance profiling, but that is an edge case. As such, it is recommended to not use metal for running regular workloads, and save customers from confusion and extra cost.