Dear Erik & bhagwantP, thank you for your responses. As Eric suggested, I dabbled a bit in ansys workbench scripting.

In a loop, I can read the output of a design point, then automatically generate new design points, solve them, make new design points from the solutions etc. However, I have a couple minor inconveniences:

At the moment I can read data from only the current design point with this:

output = Parameters.GetParameter(Name="PX").Value.Value

with PX being whatever number my output parameter is. But this only works on the "current design point" where I set the current point with:


with designPointX being whatever design point I wish to read. I was wondering if it was possible to read the values of a design point by just entering the name of the design point, as you can do when you are writing the design points with something like:

designPointX.SetParameterExpression(Parameter=Parameters.GetParameter(Name="PY"), Expression="Z")?

since reading a design point value is not an action, I could not record it in the record journal to decipher it somehow.


And finally, when I run my loops, I get a frozen screen where nothing happens, and after a little while all the datapoints appear as solved. Is there a way for a script -during execution- to show these intermediate steps like design points with inputs shown but outputs are yet to be calculated?

I currently update my design points simply by the function UpdateAllDesignPoints().

Thank you for your time and follow-up.

Best regards.