Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Are you sure this is the command you are using? There should not be two i= arguments on the command line.

Here is the command line I use to run SMP on Linux:

/data2/rgenest/lsdyna/ls-dyna_smp_d_R13_0_0_x64_centos610_ifort190/ls-dyna_smp_d_R13_0_0_x64_centos610_ifort190 i=/data2/rgenest/runs/Test/input.k ncpu=-4 memory=20m

Try to specify the complete path of the LS-DYNA solver as in the command line above. 

Which LS-DYNA solver are you using when the run is successful? Have a look at the LS-DYNA banner in the messag file: