Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Wei,

The HPC cluster should have a solid connection to the license server to avoid interruptions. You should be able to remotely connect to the HPC cluster, launch a run in the "foreground", and then disconnect from the cluster. The run should continue no problem. We do this all the time; we remotely connect to a Linux machine at the office via VPN, start a run on the Linux machine, and then disconnect. The run continues.

I am not sure I fully understand your issue. Could you give more explanations?

Also, I am not sure why using > out creates a problem. It may have to do with the user subroutine which are not officially supported by Ansys. Have you tried running with an LS-DYNA version downloaded from the Ansys website?

username: user

password: computer

If you still have issues with a regular version of LS-DYNA, then the problem may be model specific. Ansys employees cannot download your model on the Ansys forum. You will have to create a service request on the Ansys customer portal: