Aleksey Gerasimov

Hello Victoria,

I am not sure I understood your questions correctly, therefore, please see my answers below. Please do not hesitate to clarify any aspects if you feel that I misunderstood something.

1) The electric potential in a fuel cell operation = V_cathode_tap - V_anode_tap and this value is always lower than the open circuit voltage (OCV) in fuel cells, In electrolysis mode the applied voltage must exceed the OCV value, regardless of the type of the electric boundary conditions.

2) It is normal to see the negative current, it is just a sign that the module works in Electrolysis module.

3) This is for reversed flow only, that might take place in the initial stages of the simulation or if the outlets are located close to the active zone. It is best to avoid a situation where you have reversed flow at the outlets of your domain.

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