Reza Taheri

Hi Peter,

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for sharing the archive I appriciate it. I could not use the damage status as a kill criteria, so I’m trying a new approach.

I tried applying kinematic hardening. My material is ortothropic, but I know the failure direction. So I use the compressive stress limit in that direction as the yield strength with 0 tangant modulus for bilinear kinematic hardening (as my case is monotonic loading, documentation says both isotropic and kinematic modes are the same). My solution now goes post-buckling (without exessive distortion) and load-displacement curve looks like this after 0.5mm total displacement:

Total deformation also looks as should:

But, the failure that I defined (Hashin progressive model) has a value of zero all along, for both ‘damage status’ and ‘maximum failure criteria’. The elements should start failing at the onset of the maximum deformation in above figure. I think it does not even calculate the damage parameters. 

Do you know if damage contradicts hardening? If not, can you suggest why I don’t get any values for damage?

Thanks a lot, and again, Merry Christmas!