Jim Day
Ansys Employee
I ran a similar test case and the pressure in the ambient ale elements does transmit to the rest of the ALE domain. Below are some guidelines. It appears you've correctly followed nos. 1 and 2. Check nos. 3 and 4. If that doesn't help, tell me which version of LS-DYNA you're running. 1) A one element thick layer of the ALE air domain which faces the blast source is given a new part ID. This new part is assigned material properties identical to those used in the rest of the air domain. In the *SECTION_SOLID definition of this new part the ambient type is set as AET=5. 2) The segments of the part described above which face the blast source are treated with *LOAD_BLAST_SEGMENT(_SET) and in that keyword IALEPID is set equal to that part ID number. 3) Currently the feature works only for air modeled using the ideal gas law with *EOS_LINEAR_POLYNOMIAL. The equation of state should be set up so that its initial pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure. 4) PREF in *CONTROL_ALE should be set to atmospheric pressure.