Max Winger

Hi there, thank you very much for the response.

Yes I am using the free student version and I did recognize that you would only be able to import STEP and IGES. Still I tried setting up the Inventor interface and it worked out just fine... :D (don't tell the ANSYS employees).

Creating an archive file seemed to be a good hint. I just finished preparing the model for analysis based on this archive file some hours ago. So the current project should be clean of any data location/ path mistakes.

Anyways is there a menu in workbench showing the relevant paths? I would like to check your guess with related directories being on both the local workstation and the remote computer. Still I don't think this is the case because I never had a problem with turning off the connecting between my remote PC to the workstation while solving.

I started with meshing straight after making sure everything was set up right (That was about 2 pm today). Strangely enough that meshing process is still running (although it is running on the very fast machine at the university). I never had a mesh that was taking more than a minute by now. Process is working but I am probably going to stop it, if it has not finished by tomorrow morning.

I am not sure what this behaviour comes from. For sure I will be checking if I did any mistake but as I can see, mesh size is at 1 mm and every setting is just like before.

Going to keep you updated.