Max Winger

Ok so meshing was still calculating this morning so I stopped it. Restarted the application and tried again- mesh was being calculated within a few seconds this time. So this went alright.

I then started solving and of course nothing changed. Even with creating a mesh that has huge elements there is no solution. You can check the solver information with the following link- for sure I tried to figure out whats wrong on my own, but it is very cryptic to me:

Meanwhile this issue is really over my head. Does anyone has some tips what I can try to do? Also I attached a picture of the model so you can see the contacs I am talking about. Basically there are the contacts between the screws, that I wrote about before. In addition there is the friction between that two outer parts and the middle part. And lastly I set up a bond- contact between the outer part that is fit to the middle part with this litte "step/ overhang". I changed all those contact types variously but there is just no way to get the simulation running. Still I think it has something to do with the contact settings, because despite the contacts there is just not much complexity to the analysis.

Just let me know, if there is some more information I need to provide.

Hope someone can help,