Max Winger

Another update: Simulation succeeded by creating a workaround. Since the problem probably results from the screws, I just replaced them by a simplified geometry. Also I reduced the middle part on the minimum of complexity. With those modifications the simulation is running perfectly fine.

Unfortunately I can't update parameters....

As I mentioned before, I created the geometry in Inventor, then importet to ANSYS and in ANSYS I opened the file with Design Modeler. This enabled me to activate the parameters. Now when I am trying to modify parameter values and then refresh Design Modeler there is an error saying "update failed". After this the whole model vanishs from Design Modeler and I have to restart the project with the old parameter settings.

This is a big problem because with the direct optimization feature in workbench I need to be able to change the model by updating parameters.

I read about Design Modeler would only accept CAD models, when those models are built in a CAD program that runs on a previous version in relation to Design Modeler. But my Inventor is the 2023 version and ANSYS is 2022. Does that really cause such issues?

Would appreciate some information.