Hi Aniket.

  1. Yes, I have imported the surface force density into the Transient Structural analysis and applied it to the target surface body (Electromagnetic and mechanical analysis both are in 2D mode.  
  2. This problem exists. When the body force density is imported into the mechanical, the maximum and minimum force values are located at times that are slightly different from the extremum points of the diagram. In this problem, the maximum body force density is obtained in time 80 us, while the graph shows the first maximum point at about 90 us. I have defined the time steps as equal to the corresponding times of the maximum and minimum of the imported body force density values. 
  3. Maybe it would be better to ask my question like this: why when the amount of force at 80 microseconds is linearly connected to its value at 205 microseconds, the slope of the line is upward, while the amount of force at 205 microseconds is lower? The slope of the line should be downward.