Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Sa-aadat,

Why do you want to import a .k file into Ansys Workbench? Do you want to build a new model based on an existing model?

I don't think we can import a .k file in WB 2022R2 on Linux. This can be done on Windows (see below). Note that only the LS-DYNA solver is officially supported at 2022R2 and not the user interface on Linux:

You can build an LS-DYNA model in WB in Linux using the LS-DYNA system. If you double click on the Model branch, it will launch the Mechanical interface:

In Mechanical, you can write the input file:

But, because the UI is not fully supported at 2022R2 on Linux, you might see some crashes. We recommend using a Windows machine with WB LS-DYNA.

If you want to import the .k file in WB, you will have to find a Windows machine, install WB 2022R2 and import the .k file using an External Model system as follows:

If you want to run a .k file with the LS-DYNA solver on Linux, you don't need to import the .k file in Workbench. You can use command lines to run LS-DYNA directly in the Linux terminal. You will find more information here:

You can download the LS-DYNA solver for Linux here;


Let me know how it goes.