Ashish Khemka
Ansys Employee

Hi Burak,

Based on the teams comment:

Different customers have reported cases where ASNYS Workbench applications were not working as expected. Such cases were for exapmple:

- ANSYS Meshing failing with an error message: "The mesh generation did not complete due to poor quality elements or incorrect input. Please try meshing with another mesh method or different mesh options". This error message was appearing with each geometry, even with the simplest (cube).

It turned out that recent ANSYS Wokbench had been installed on machines where siginficantly older versions of other CAE/CAD applications had been installed. For instace, in the case of the failing ANSYS Meshing application, ANSYS 19.x (released in 2018) packages and AutoCAD 2013 were installed on the same machines - the problem was occuring on all machines. This old AutoCAD release and also other older CAD/CAE programs copy their DLL files into C:/Windows/System32. ANSYS can have DLL files with the same names (which are however located in C:/Program Files/Ansys Inc/v19.x) - in such cases it uses however the DLLs from the Windows directory instead its own files. Very old DLLs in the C:/Windows/System32 can be incompatible with the recent ANSYS versions, which can cause the unexpected behaviors such as those described above.

Identification of old foreign DLL files in C:/Windows/System32 can be a challenging task. In such cases, installing ANSYS on a machine without CAD/CAE applications older more than 3-4 years than the ANSYS release might be a more efficient way to bypass the problem.


Also, finding a “clean” machine or reimaging OS may not be an immediate option for most customers. Some 3rd party software’s installation on Windows may place some old version Intel compiler runtime library files under C:\Windows\system32, and crash some ANSYS applications, including meshing in Workbench Mechanical and Mesh, Mechanical APDL, Explicit Dynamic, Fluent and other ANSYS solvers.

For example, below files were found on two customers’ C:\Windows\system32 folder:
09/02/2010 08:20 PM 529,080 libiomp5md.dll
09/02/2010 08:16 PM 2,838,200 libmmd.dll
The libiomp5md.dll is Intel OpenMP Runtime Library. And libmmd.dll is Math Library for Intel Complier. Both are required by AnsMeshingServer.exe. They are old dated, file size are much smaller than the below ones in “C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v202\tp\IntelCompiler\2019.3.203\winx64":
02/06/2019 08:38 AM 1,728,232 libiomp5md.dll
02/06/2019 08:38 AM 4,271,848 libmmd.dll
Try to rename the 2 files by adding .old C:\Windows\system32, relaunch Workbench and/or affected ANSYS applications, it should turn to the correct libraries in ANSYS installation and fix the issue.

Note: If above renaming affects 3rd party applications, copy them to the folder where 3rd party application executable is located and rename them back. Such Intel compiler runtime library files should not be placed in C:\Windows\system32, since different applications or same application but different versions may need different version run time libraries.



Ashish Khemka