Theodore St George

Rob, I'm checking each cell for condensation conditions, then creating an injection reflecting that. I'm importing/deleting the injection every DPM iteration as it needs to iterate to reach steady state.

Turning off the injection-import command, it successfully deletes the injection file, the hangup is on the Read command. I am able to record a macro with the following sequence, which is sucessful and can achieve the same result, albeit significantly slower:

Injections -> Create

Set Injection Properties -> Injection Type -> File

File... ->(selected file)

Particle Type -> Droplet 


Like I mentioned previously, there seems to be an issue with Read... command, both in the Injections window, as well as within the Execute Command. Here are the first two lines of the injection if you would like to try yourself.

(( 1.45500e+00 3.65000e-01 0.00000e+00 7.05281e+01 2.44332e-02 0.00000e+00 7.584407125289650098826768098747e-10 3.00042e+02 3.937350888379334781415850515206e-15 ) )
(( 1.45500e+00 3.75000e-01 0.00000e+00 7.05283e+01 2.26287e-02 0.00000e+00 7.584305312919913066064120444926e-10 3.00042e+02 3.941777374810613041885301707001e-15 ) )