Navya C
Ansys Employee


If it is a single coil you can directly select the coil 2D surface(you need to create the 2D surface out of the 3D coil it is 3D simulation)>Right mouse click>assign excitation and current. Here the current assignment is equal to the mmf = Number of turns x current.

If you are defining a winding with multiple coils. you need to define the coils with number of turns as explained below and then group them as winding under Excitation in the project manager window.

In 2D you can select the 2D surface of the coil >Right mouse click>Assign excitation>coil

then on the popup window you can define number of conductors on the coil

In 3D it is the same, but you need to create the 2D sections before assigning the excitation. 

Please refer to the help file I have mentioned above.