John Miller



Hi Dave,

thank you very much for your hint regarding esurf command.

With that I would state the radiation like this:



Element ealive

Load application


esel,s,ename,,surf152        ! Element selection of surf152 elements
cm,ELsurf152,elements     ! Create a component which includes surf152 elements
edele,ELsurf152                ! Deletion of former surf152 elements


Does it make sense to erase the surf152 elements? I’m not sure about it.

In every step ot the do loop, elements were activated and thermal load is applied.

Therefore, the external Nodes for radiation application is constantly changing. I would guess that deletion of former surf152 elements is necessary.

Is the position right or should be "outside" in the /solu part of the loop?


cmsel,s,external,nodes     ! Select nodes for esurf
esel,all                               ! Select elements for esurf
esurf,nakt                           ! Creation of surface elements

d,nakt,temp,tamb                ! Temperature of the the extra/space node, Temperature=ambient Temperature
toffst,273                             ! Specifies the temperature offset from absolute zero to zero, 273 for the Celsius system





How can I prove that the script is working? 

Is there a way to visualise the radiation with the aid of /post ?



John M.