Thanks for your reply Prashanth.

let me start with the Automatic numbering first. Thanks for sharing the Automatic file numbering issue. I checked it and I guess that's what I needed. Still, I would like my DPM results to be written in a subdirectory named as the inlet velocity which is my study parameter here and changes in different cases. what is the correct special character for that? For example, %f and %i are the special characters for flow time and iteration respectively. how can I get my inlet velocity and use that number in my writing directory?

The line of code that needs to be modified in my journal file is the following:

(cx-gui-do cx-set-file-dialog-entries "Select File" '( "/lustre07/scratch/reza121/NEW GEOMs/FM=1p25 FD=1p31/injection results/%inlet_velocity/0.1.sum") "Particle Summary Reports (*.sum)")

I need to somehow achieve the inlet velocity and then use it in my writing directory according to the above. 

It is noteworthy that my inlet boundary condition is velocity inlet and it is set as an input parameter and changes between 0.01 to 5 m/s.


For DPM analysis in each of the parameter study design points, Execute command seems like a good solution but it didn't work sadly. I created a macro that reads a journal file. This journal file tracks particles and writes summaries in an assigned directory. I set the command to be executed every 5 iterations (for a test) but it doesn't do anything and just prints a ">" every five iterations in the console. Do you have any idea what could be wrong with that?

Thank you so much for your time and help