Jim Day
Ansys Employee
Sorry for the long delay. I sought advice from the LS-DYNA ICFD development team. Their response was, "I believe that the best way to post-process these values is using Paraview. To output results in Paraview format for ICFD take a look at the *ICFD_CONTROL_OUTPUT keyword and set OUTL=7. Then in Paraview you could compute shear stresses using the following Pipeline to compute the derivative of the velocity field (which you will have to multiply by the viscosity using the calculator tool or the python calculator): (image) Once you compute the shear stresses you can inject particles into the fluid domain using the ParticleTracer filter. The shear stress can be mapped to the particles. I am not exactly sure what your goal is in item 2 but I believe that you want to integrate the shear stress values in time along a path. This should be possible in Paraview but I have not done it myself. I hope that this helps."