Bryce Teaford

Hello Navya,

Apologies, yes I am working with Ansys Maxwell.  I also would like to say I have already walked through the provided tutorial before I submitted these questions.  I have provided a screenshot of my coil below with its desired terminal in pink.  I have also provided the assignments of the coil as well.

In the end, this project needs to simulate a magnet a magnet oscillating in a coil that is in series with a resistor.  So the excitiation of the coil will be external.  The coil needs to be a 250 turn coil of gauge 30 wire.  The volume I have defined are the dimensions of a coil I have already created and ran experiments with.  The problem I am having with the coil is I see no way to define the coil’s gauge or filling factor, which is important to my calculations.  Does Ansys have a way, when defining the coil’s number of conductors (or turns), to also define the gauge of the wire or how much space the wire will take up (filling factor).

Thank you for your time.