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I would say contact is one way (MPC type – face of solid body to adjacent edge of shell body – shell should be midsurfaced), or using a compatible mesh (nodes on edge are shared ) via multi-body part or shared topology. Make sure that the element order is quadratic (see below) so we use shell281 and solid186 with midside nodes otherwise we might not have a mid side node connection like you seem to have with progr. default order.

For stress accuracy at the connection, as far as I know there is no magic way to connect them (unless perhaps for very simple cases like pure bending or tension) so I would always place these solid-shell connections far away from the area of interest since the stresses at the connection will not be very accurate and correct, and we do not want them to influence the areas of interest (St Venants principle).

Also a better way is to use solid-shells (solsh190) to connect to 3D solid elements.
SOLSH190 (


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