A interesting part of getnamed command is if it is used inside the script, it cannot work. However, if it is used outside the main-script, like run it inside the script prompt directly, everything is fine.

Sometime, if I want to fix the displacement between the monitor and one stucture built through script, that issue is really annoying. 


For the single/double quote, based on my use:

set("script",'addrect; XXXXX:  then inside the script, for command, double quote could be used,  like set("name","abcd"); 

accordingly, set("script","addrect; XXXXXX: inside the command inside followed script, single quote is only allowed. For the object name, rename the structure, there is no problem. If want to change the monitor name, it really doesn't work, Interesting.


Thanks for your answers, and wish you have a good one.