Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee

Somehow my reply was not posted yesterday.

There are a few things:

1: negative power means the power flow is toward the negative axis.

2: the data you viewed is the raw power data without normalization.

3: Power is usually normalized to sourcepower transmission - Script command

4:For such bend waveguide, it is better to use FDE in MODE to get the loss contant:

Solving bent waveguides in FDE and FEEM

Bent waveguide analysis

5: you can also use the mode source to get the bending loss: choose "user select" and calculate the mode


Choose PML boundary conditions:

set the bending radius:

specify the wavelength or frequency, then "calculate modes":

Please try.

For the half circule bending, we do not recommend to simulate it using FDTD. If you really want, please use mode expansion monitor, or better port to get the modal S paramter.


Please write a new post if you have other questions.