Govindan Nagappan
Ansys Employee

If you do not see the parameters in Spaceclaim - > groups tab, but shows up in WB parameter set, you can use script to delete the parameter

  1. In Workbench project page, Go to File -> Scripting -> Open Command Window
  2. Copy and paste the following commands and hit enter to delete the parameter


p2 = Parameters.GetParameter("P2")

parameterizedEntity = p2.GetAssociatedEntityProperties().keys()[0]

parameterizedProperty = p2.GetAssociatedEntityProperties()[parameterizedEntity][0]

p2.Disassociate(parameterizedEntity, parameterizedProperty)



In the commands above, we are deleting parameter named P2.

p2 = Parameters.GetParameter("P2")

You can change the name to delete a different parameter