Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Tan,

It seems you are having a few issues with your license.

First, aa_t_i increment is not found. I am not  familliar with academic licenses and so I am not sure why it is looking for this license increment. For commercial licenses, the license increments for LS-DYNA are "dyna" and "dysmp".

Second, it seems the clock was turned back on your machine. This can happen by mistake where the date is set to an earlier date. When this happens, Ansys thinks you are  trying to cheat an expired license and so the license won't work. I think you need to reinstall Ansys and the Ansys license manager. You may even have to do a new Windows install. Try uninstalling Ansys and reinstalling first. Let me know if it helps with this error.

Third, for the control task inconsistency error, I found the following in our knowledge database:


While running an Ls-Dyna job, you may run in to an error message as depicted below



In case you encounter the above error message, this means that the solver is unable to locate the ansyscl program. This happens when the software package either did not install the ansyscl files in the expected location.

The standalone LS-Dyna executable is checking the following paths for the licensing client folder

./licensingclient/linx64/ansyscl - where the exe is in the folder OR the /ansys_inc/v211/licensingclient folder.


Ensure the environment ANSYS211_DIR is set correctly

Copying the v211/licensingclient folder to the current directory where the LS-DYNA solver is present (executable location), solves the issue.


Example: Use the following command to copy 


cp -r /nfs/apps/ansys_inc/v211/licensingclient ~/LSTC


(Change ~/LSTC to your executable location)"


Let me know if this helps or not.


I will check with a colleague in installation to help you further.


Have a good weekend.