It is possible to increase the Force Criterion value, but you should first look for the reason why the Force Convergence line is not dropping below the Criterion line and take corrective action first.

Under the Solution branch click on the Solution Information folder. In the Details window is a line that says Newton-Raphson Residuals. The default is 0 but type in a number such as 3 or 4. This will cause 3 or 4 plots to be saved under the Solution Information folder which show the residual force imbalance in the mesh for the last 3 or 4 iterations. Look at the plots and zoom in on the location with the Maximum value. This location needs smaller, better quality elements. If you remesh to achieve that, the convergence will often be achieved.  Sometimes these plots will have the Max value in the same place, but other times the Max value will jump around to different locations.

Here is an article on convergence.

In your reply, please paste an image of the plot around the location of the Max value of the Newton-Raphson Residual for the current mesh and another image to show the improved mesh and let us know if the model now converges. Improving the mesh is how you get an accuracte solution. Relaxing the Force Criterion means you are accepting less accuracy in the solution.

Here is a thread on how to change the Criterion.