A 2D axisymmetric model uses Plane elements. A 3D model uses Shell elements.

A Plane element must be in the global X-Y plane. A Shell element can be anywhere in space and can be twisted, it doesn't need to be in a plane.

The nodes on Plane elements only have two Degrees of Freedom (DOF): X and Y. The nodes on Shell elements have six DOF: X, Y, Z, RotX, RotY and RotZ.

A Plane element in an axisymmetric analysis uses Normal Stress X for Radial Stress, Normal Stress Y for Axial Stress and Normal Stress Z for Hoop Stress. A Shell element can plot Membrane Stress and Bending Stress.

It is not possible to get membrane and bending stress on a Plane element in an axisymmetric analysis.