Ansys Employee


Where is the base in the picture? What is the distance between the part shown in image 1 and the base? Assuming a standard gravity of 9.81 m/s, if the distance between the part and the base is 'x' m, it will take time t1=sqrt(2x/g) seconds to reach the base. So the simulation has to run for at least t1 seconds long. Your End Time (defined in the Analysis Settings) is probably shorter than this. Explicit Dynamics is usually used to simulate events occurring very very short durations, so having a very large t1 is not efficient.

A more efficient way is to recognize that when the part falls freely towards the base, it does not undergo any deformation. The part will deform only when "actual contact or impact" occurs between the part and the base. So a better way to simulate this case is to make the part and the base touch each other and use either "Drop Height" or "Initial Velocity"  initial conditions. The initial conditions simulate the fact that when "actual impact" happens between the part and the base, the velocity of the part at the instant of impact is non-zero. This way you don't waste time simulating the free fall of the part since the part undergoes no deformation when it is falling freely.

Hope this helps.