Ansys Employee

What types of products does Ansys offer?

Engineering simulation software. Pretty much if it flows use the CFD tools or Rocky for powders, if it bends use Mechanical,  if it explodes/crashes use Dyna, if it involves weird electrical/magnetic things you want Maxwell and/or HFSS. There are also then tools to optimise designs and build the geometries. As a beginner I'd advise deciding what you want to model and we can then guide you towards the correct tools. 


What types of simulations can I run with Ansys products?

Pretty much anything that can be simulated. I don't think there's a free molecular (chemistry) modelling tool, but think we can do pretty much everything else. 


How can I get started with Ansys products?

Pick the tool that best suits what you want to model, then go through the courses under Learning (book top left of this page). Open the software and click on Help, do the tutorials. 


What is the cost of using Ansys products?

Ansys Student is free, but has limits on model size and usage restrictions. From there we offer a range of options, which can be discussed directly. 


Are there any online resources to help me learn more about Ansys products?

Yes, see above. 


Where can I find coupons and discounts for Ansys products?

You can't. We, or our partners, will discuss your software requirements and prices are linked to what you choose to buy. The technical teams advise the sales side of the organisation, and can suggest the "best" configuration.