I tried another part to analyze and got an error in the "file.err" file.  The full contents of the "file.err" file are shown below.


/COM,ANSYS RELEASE 2022 R2           BUILD 22.2      UP20220516       12:53:11

 *** WARNING ***                         CP =       3.531   TIME= 12:53:17
 Element shape checking is currently inactive.  Issue SHPP,ON or         
 SHPP,WARN to reactivate, if desired.                                    

 *** WARNING ***                         CP =       3.828   TIME= 12:53:18
 Material number 2 (used by element 2023) should normally have at least  
 one MP or one TB type command associated with it.  Output of energy by  
 material may not be available.                                          

 *** ERROR ***                           CP =       6.859   TIME= 12:53:25
 An unexpected error ( SIG$ILL ) has occurred...  ANSYS internal data    
 has been corrupted.  ANSYS is unable to recover and will terminate.     
 Previously saved files are unaffected.  Please send the data leading    
 to this operation to your technical support provider, as this will      
 allow ANSYS, Inc to improve the program.