Suwitcha Titaram

Thank you for you advice.

I will be try again from your recommend.


An actually i would like to see animation movement more than data calculate because in normally if we free drop part, it will be movement fall down follow gravity.

And i would like to show that animation to my teacher but after i apply same condition in easy model to target model. Target part still stay on air. Then i confuse on this case.


Example easy model that animation show part drop.

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

But after i apply same condition from easy model to target model but result animation not movement.

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How i can do the target model for animation drop as same easy model or not ?


And i have 2 question, Could you please to adviced ?

1.  From target model i do transform part from red color to blue color for set condition before analysis.

This case trasform part will be impact from program calculate or not ? (Please adviced)

2. Have difference in program calculate between standard gravity vs initial drop high vs pre-velocity or not ?

And case i use initial drop high, we need to add standard gravity or not ?