Victoria Kurushina


Dear Aleksey,

Thank you for the replies, it is very helpful.

Could you explain, please, how to avoid the sigsegv error when working with my own geometry?

I have tried the SOFC tutorial geometry in the electrolysis mode, and it is possible to initialize the solution and get some results. However, when I draw my own simple planar cell geometry (CC-GC-CAT-ELE-CAT-GC-CC) and set the electrolysis mode, following all tutorial steps, except loading the user expressions (because they are for SOFC), what I get is sigsegv error after the initialization, and Fluent shuts down. If this is Standard initialization, it is just the error code in the consol and shut down. If this is the Hybrid initialization, Fluent spells in the consol “Hybrid initialization is done.”, then SIGSEGV error and shut down.

I understand this likely means that some physics is defined incorrectly, but it is not apparent, unfortunately. The last thing I tried: I followed the meshing guidance, specified in details in the PEMFC tutorial, so this is not the mesh accuracy problem. It would be good to have your perspective on this.

Kind regards,