Victoria Kurushina




Dear Aleksey,

Could you, please, reiterate about the cell zones? Currently, at the Mesh, I make the Named Selections for the planar cell, as in the image below. Do you mean that some of them should be deleted from Mesh for the Model 4 to work?

Currently, the list of cell zones (in the other image below) appears to be consistent with the SOFC tutorial, except there is an extra “electrolyte” layer. I have tried not to name-select the electrolyte body at Mesh, but the Model 4 in this case will create this layer on its own in Fluent, so I am trying to keep naming everything myself, just not to be lost in names.

About the electric current: do you mean that there should be definitely a surface of contact between the CC and the CAT on both sides, for the Model 4 to work? This is what is done in the tubular geometry from tutorial.

Added: when running my own geometry in Fluent, outside the Workbench, the initialization works ok, but the start of the Solution gives the SIGSEGV error, followed by the message in red: "The f1 process could not be started". 

Kind regards,